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a suffix to any word u like. used to show that your 1337 and to confuse nubs on games
gg nubz0rz i r0xz0rz j00 b0xz0rz
by nublet July 05, 2003

Generally added to other internet slang such as 'lol' for dramatic effect.
n00b: Dammit! I got killed again! I suck so bad at computer games.

l337: lolz0rz i just owned you!
by #1 October 25, 2003
The word you use to be uber 1337 and to be used a suffix
I uber pwnz0rz'd that n00b
by Jetmike625 November 05, 2010
z0rz is "elite" or "l33t" for sourcecode
y00z t3h z0rz, tux!
by Demonen December 13, 2003