I just wanted to let you know that the word "Zannex" is actually spelled with an "X", "Xanex". So Z-Bars is really an X.
I got really F'ed up last night off of some z bars.(Xanex)
by SLAMMINMAMMA77 October 14, 2005
Top Definition
n. slang. A pill of xanax.
We drank some beer, took some z-bars, and i pretty much can't recall shit after that.
by obie October 24, 2003
Actually.. a "Z-bar" is a term used for a 2mg bar of alprazolam (commonly produced by Upjohn Pharmaceuticals under the trade name "xanax") It is called a "Z-Bar" because Xanax is pronounced with the first syllable sounding like that of a z
Man.. I got 120 Z bars off my dealer yesterday and already ate 7!

or man.. one Z bar will have my ass knocked out.
by Urban Dictionary April 18, 2006
Z-bars are the street name for XANAX tablets.
Lemme get some Z bars? I need to slow things down some.
by Gamberro Salvador January 24, 2007
Totem shaped four way zannax pills
I ate one z bar and could barely walk/
by clrlt808 April 18, 2003
Organic Clif Bar for active kids. Best Flavor is Peanut Butter.
Robert Upland and I just went mountain biking and were pooped! Luckily my mom just went to Costco and picked me up a box of Z-Bars. Woah! Chocolate Chip, my favorite!
by My fingers smell like butt June 22, 2009
A group of friends from Grand Rapids Michigan who get fucked up and play some PC games online.
"Those zBAR's are assholes"
by FlashFire October 02, 2007
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