The twenty second letter of the alphabet. Also, many in continuation can mean sleep or deep satisfaction... depending on context.
Guy 1: "Zzzzzzzzzz"

Guy 2: "Why are you saying the letter z over and over?"

Guy 1 awakes from slumber.

Guy 1: "What were you saying?"
by DiRad G May 05, 2011
The most dominate truck on the planet! The Chevrolet Silverado Z-71. A 4x4 truck that dominates all mudholes and trails everywhere. Also used to pull trim ( the ladies) when lifted with rims and loud pipes.
Dude, lets go hit that hole on Ludy road in the Z.
Bitches love the Z.
by In the Big Woods August 11, 2009
The Z is the easiest way to become 1337, leet. Just by adding z at the end of words ending with a consonant (ex b,c,d) - and some special words ending with vowel (ex a, e, i) but I am too lazy to write them down here- and z instead of s if the word ends with it, you'll become 1337:)

A: Hey whatz cracking dougz?
B: Not thatz muchz, justz pwnz some noobz atz the dotaz0or

A: Ah, Okay see you aroundz!


1. ALWAYS write Dota with z0or (z cero o r) at the end. Totaly pwaning things like Dota MUST be written with z0or. (and only god knows why)

2. If you dont say the consonant, then just ignore it and remove it from your mind.

(example: ah)
by Hajsan's biggest fan August 25, 2009
The last letter of the alphabet which is pronounced 'ZED', not 'ZEE' as others like to say.
A:"Spell 'Buzz'."

B: "B, u, zee, zee.'"

A:"Wrong, its zed'."
by Gohn Gardenza August 28, 2007
The Last Letter in The Motherfucking Alphabet Dumbass!
Your An Idiot for Looking Up Z in the Urban Dictionary!
by Seagulls Of Santa!!! August 12, 2008
A letter in the alphabet that nobody uses any more
Hey John, heeard of the letter Z? You mean the one the one that nobody uses no more? yes I know the one.
by noobz123456 March 21, 2011
The new way of saying "take me now".
SNIM: "xxox"
Holly: "z"
SNIM: ":o knew you wanted meh!"
by SNIM June 03, 2008

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