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An often Biblical or old-fashioned name that no one uses anymore for good reason, or that were once good until little bratty yuppie children received them. These names often hit the top 10 in lists of favorite U.S. names because there are TOO MANY YUPPIES out there. -Boo is a frequent suffix.
Abigail Boo, Ben Boo, Cynthia Boo, Darryl Boo, Emmett Boo, Farah Boo, Gemma Boo, Hayden Boo, Isaac Boo, Jacob Boo, Keegan Boo, Lucas Boo, Madison Boo, Nelson Boo, Peyton Boo, Quinn Boo, Reese Boo, Sydney Boo, Timothy Boo, Vanessa Boo, Wesley Boo, Xavier Boo, and Zinnia Boo are all yuppie names.

Yuppies don't like the letters Y, O, and U because they don't like to think about other people, or how their children will be mocked in school for being a girl named Hayden.
by Deirdre1234567890 April 09, 2007
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