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one of the hottest girls
by shrAvan321 July 24, 2003
the most sweetest and beautiful girl ive ever met in my entire life!
you're such a farah why are you such a farah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
by amit January 22, 2005
Probably one of the best people you will ever meet. They are awesome and unique and add spice to your life.
Jim: "Farah you're so nice, lets be best friends forever."
Farah: " Sure, Jim you can be friend 87596520894236 :)"
Jim: " I feel so special."
Farah: "Me too, me too."
by JayD'89 March 12, 2010
A perfect girl who you will always mess up ur chances of getting with. Either by forgetting important dates, or setting the alarm mistakingly one week before or 12 hours earlier/later to important moments. But nevertheless she is extremely intellectual and has the best laugh ever in addition to her AWESOME personality. If only we all can go back in time.
person 1: "so whos the Birthday girl?"
person 2: "that girl there, her name is Farah"
person 1: "Damn!!! her eyes shine brighter than those candles! "
by twentyeightelev February 17, 2011
(verb) farahing, farahed: the act of being cute, pretty and hot. (noun) farah: strawberry cheesecake. (adjective) sexy, gorgeous. (adverb) farahly: being in the state of a farah
she was farahing all night on the dancefloor.
this farah is delicious.
my chick is farah indeed.
she was strolling farahly on the red carpet.
by Sambuca69 December 16, 2009
1. the act of seeming naive or innocent but doing a 180 in a split-second and slappin' dat white boi ass of yours anyway.
- Very similar to the usage of the term "jew him down!"
She seemed nice, but when I made a pass at her, she went Farah on me!
by D July 23, 2003
She's the most amazing girl that you'll ever meet, she's the girl that's too nice and everyone loves her. But everyone mistakes her kindness for weakness. She's a pretty girl with curly hair, she tries her best to make every one happy.

She draws and she sings and she's everything anyone wants, but some people are too slow to recognize what she's worth.
Person 1: She's a wonderful person. Don't let her go.
Person 2: Ikr, she's such a Farah
by Anon8797587 March 24, 2012