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A person who is usually crazy, bright and colourful like the flower "Zinnia"
"Hahaha Zinnia's dancing on the table again"

"Hey do you think Zinnia will like this rainbow top?
by magicalsplash July 10, 2009
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Big bright flower that is loved to grow in most gardens! Zinnia is loved by butterlies, and grows great in heat.
I planted Zinnias in my garden.
by ZinDwy May 20, 2008
In the highlands of Kashmir, Zinnia is used to refer to a "napkin." In Kashmir, there are no paper products, so therefore, people became accustomed to using Zinnia flowers to wipe their hands with. This is why Zinnia became synonymous with "napkin" in Kashmiri vernacular.
"My hand got so dirty from that nihari, could you pass me that Zinnia?"

"I gotta blow my nose, you got a Zinnia bro?"
by FreakyDdiqui October 27, 2011

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