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An adjective for when the food that you are eating is very delicious, tasty or yummy!
Or when the food appears or is described (on a menu/recipe) to be mouth watering and appetizing!

A verb when you make the food look more delicious by enhancing the presentation

Can be used to describe anything that you would normally use the word yummy.
(while eating) OMG, this mac n cheese is totally yummified!
(while watching Foodnetwork) That chocolate molten cake looks yummified yo!
(while looking at a menu) the grilled rib eye with chipotle honey butter sounds yummified
Why don't you yummify it by putting some whipped cream on top.
by chefgrrl27 December 20, 2009
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Something that has transformed into a desirable item.
Mary took her whole look and gave it new life- she is totally yummified.
by RICH CHICK July 11, 2009
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