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said after tasting something delicious
Yummers Bobby! Your cum tastes great!
by Adi December 30, 2003
Something idiots say to describe something that tastes good.
If you say yummers again I will punch in you in the face.
by jdl August 09, 2005
Anything Delicious and satisfying ... food or person or action..
I just finish cooking some yummers.

I will make sure to look yummers tonight.

Lastnight was so freakening yummers.
by EragePoetryMania January 21, 2010
Delicious food
This chicken sandwich is yummer
by shitozzles January 17, 2011
Word used to decribe the most awesome friend.
Yummers.... whatchya doooING?
by bruschetta-cuppycake June 07, 2011
Used to describe something delicious.
Look Sophers thinks that poo is yummers!!!
by Jenn April 20, 2005
Tasty adult beverage
1 oz Cherry Vodka
1 oz Maraschino Cherry juice
1 oz 7up
1 1/2 oz triple sect
1 oz orange juice

Or something like that depending on how strong you like it.
by latebloomer December 23, 2009
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