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THE coolest name in the universe-
only fit for THE coolest PEOPLE in the universe... well cool,uhm, besides being kinda strange...

erh, lets go with entertainingly eccentric.


(See also Marky Mark, Johnny Depp, and Spike, for references to Adi's luvahs.)
Hey Adi! Let's all bow to you and bring you pretty sparkly gifts!
by Adi January 12, 2004
A name that no one can pronounce correctly usually, and often gets confused with audi, the car company.
"Is Ah-die here?"
"Um, you mean Adi?"
by Adi July 12, 2004
said after tasting something delicious
Yummers Bobby! Your cum tastes great!
by Adi December 30, 2003
Destroyer of senses, the supreme overlord of split planes of existance, the one who loves Tamsin.
I bow down in front of my supreme lord Granov.
by Adi September 02, 2004
when you love someone with all your heart but you want to be playful and funny and just sit around and kiss their nose and be weirdos
yes you, you know who you are, boogleymoogle...always
by adi August 26, 2004
German word for, to waffle or to speak nonsense
"Er rallert rum"
"Du rallerst ein Bloedsinn"
"Hoer auf hier rum zu rallern
by Adi March 25, 2004
a evil cat that i hate! a pretty cat but an evil one! u try to play with her and boom! she kills u! she is a mean selfish cat that nobody likes and some advice...dont call ur cat that name! or else she will turn evil too!
o no pookiesh! run away! she will scratch you and turn u into stone
by adi December 08, 2004

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