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1) behavior that inconveniences others
2) to err
3) to act in a stupid or buffoonish way
"He parked my car on the lawn and the cops towed it. That fucker owes me big time for that yuff."
by lingo monkey February 28, 2003

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Small parasitic rodent that lives in socks and eats human toes. Disguises self as piece of lint.
That yuff ate my toes and now i'm bleeding to death. Ouch.
by Jay January 01, 2005
1. noun: any happenstance that significantly dampens the festive mood.
2. verb: the act of fucking up the good time of others.
Did you see when Dave shotgunned that warm Natty Ice and then yakked all over Joe's new TMacs? That was some fuckin' yuff!
by DBo February 28, 2003
a dude that fucks corpses for money
i paid that yuff to fuck chris farley's fat dead ass
by KEKELAH August 05, 2004