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Short for "what do you say". A common greeting for friends.
Weeeeeeeeyyyyyysay there, killa?
by DBo February 28, 2003
Technical term used to describe the tightness and symmetry of a wound headdress typically worn by Muslims.
"Here let me help you...your turbage is as wacky as a monkey's aunt"
by Dbo February 04, 2004
1. noun: any happenstance that significantly dampens the festive mood.
2. verb: the act of fucking up the good time of others.
Did you see when Dave shotgunned that warm Natty Ice and then yakked all over Joe's new TMacs? That was some fuckin' yuff!
by DBo February 28, 2003
1. Expression: a distinctive way of communicating your dissatisfaction with the situation. Draw out "third", emphasis on "rail"
That dumb fuckin bitch at Food Lion took twenty minutes to run a price check on my shrimp flavored Ramen. Thiiiiiiirrrrrd RAIL!!!!!!!!!!
by DBo February 28, 2003
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