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The most delicious drink ever. You take a sealable bucket or large jar,(pickle?), and add one bag ice, 1/2 bag powdered sugar, 4 lemons & 4 limes (squeeze the juice into the mix and put the peels in also) then add 1/4 gallon vodka. Seal container and shake, the longer the better. Enjoy.
The yucca we made for the tailgate party was savage as fuck.

by yuccalover November 04, 2006
A beverage, origins believed to be at Bucknell Univeristy, or another Northeastern United States school. Constituent parts are:
4 lemons (Eighthed)
4 limes (Eighthed)
1 entire package lemonade mix(plastic jar)
1 handle of Vodka
X number of idiots
Combine lemons, limes, drink mix, and vodka in pitcher. Stir. Share among idiots
We did a yucca downtown last night, I enjoyed it, but a lot of other people didn't do so well.
by Big Mike McCoy August 14, 2007
A person who is usually associated with wrongdoing, nonsensical behavior, lame excuses for things they did intentionally. In essence, foolish people.
"Hey, who trashed the room yesterday?"
"I don't know, probably some yuccas."
by danny-o23 April 12, 2010
When you have an ear fetish... Or when you have stuck your penis in someones ear during sex.
Background: My friend Nikko ear fucked a girl...
OMG! Yucca?! Does her ear hurt.
by Andrew Burkett August 29, 2004
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