Digital Gangster
Don't be a groupie
Keep it moving, nigga
U don't know him
by Aldaris April 05, 2005
Top Definition
An individual who rose from a scene of digital entrepreneurs that look down on their peers who rise above them. Ytcracker successfully made himself a recognized person although if you read this entry before reading above you will see the envy of failures.
The best example:
Ytcracker > *
by eGawd May 01, 2005
a future rap star representing the geek nation and the dirty nerdy south beyatch. computer club worldwide!

has collaborated with too short.
what do you think about ytcracker?
i think i would like to fuck him.
by ytcracker January 22, 2004
ytcracker is a elite spammer/hacker. ytcracker.com
ytcacker is the mothafuckin shit!
by smoky January 01, 2004
- a white dude in colorado
ytcracker tried to come to my house and kill me because someone hotlinked images from my web site on to his forum
by 311Sam February 26, 2005
totally fucking suite. one time, me and ytcracker smoked mad marlboro reds and hollered at batman on the batman phone. do not front, because even if you're jealous, you've got to come to the realization that you're a hater. must suck to be an aohaxor and never make a name for yourself :)
ytcracker pwned my box and my girlfriend's, too.
by qbert April 05, 2005
ytcracker comes from the latin words
whitey - meaning someone caucasion
and cracker- meaning someone white

together these form the word
caucasion white which is to say "super white" if you will

basically a superhero thats white and raps
Ytcracker is so hot in his spandex he'd turn a pillowbiter straight

did you hear ytcracker posted more pics!
lolololol bust out the lube
by latinluv April 06, 2005
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