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a future rap star representing the geek nation and the dirty nerdy south beyatch. computer club worldwide!

has collaborated with too short.
what do you think about ytcracker?
i think i would like to fuck him.
by ytcracker January 22, 2004
spamtec is the nerdiest yet conversely the most gangster geek rap group in the history of the world. they have many hit songs on the internet that deal with many topics ranging from irc to spam to hacking the gibson. spamtec is the holy triumverate of ytcracker, phlow, and egod.
"stc is the greatest"
"spamtec dot com yall"
"ytcracker dot com has that hot fiyah spamtec shit ya dig"
by ytcracker April 06, 2005
stc stands for SpamTecCrew or SpamTecClique, which coincidentally owns all of your faces and is the greatest.
"stc is the greatest"
"www dot spamtec dot com"
by ytcracker April 05, 2005
out of control gold, because gumby is out of control

dude is fucking made of gum come on how in control could he be
yo im gumby ballin with my ice and my gumby gold ya heard meh yea ytcracker is the greatest rapper
by ytcracker March 16, 2005
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