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the thing urban dictionary keeps pestering us to define. seriously folks, we get it.
Urban Dictionary: Define your world.
Fine, fine, I did!
by Chelsea February 25, 2005
The planet that belongs to you.
Define your world.

There, it's defined now, so this site can shut down.
by TGKF September 17, 2004
A statement used to imply "do whatever you wanna do"
Person A: Tommorrow I'm gonna get drunk.
Person B: Hey, your world, man!
by qdmasta October 21, 2003
what you would call the world when speaking to Tony Montana.
Me: The World Is Yours, Tony.
Tony Montana: Don't fuck wit me man.
by Scarface May 03, 2004
(1) The thing that Urban Dictionary keeps bugging us to define. Finally we can define it.

(2) What we live on, the world that God created.

(3) All the planets in the universe count as 'Worlds' that God created.
(1 eg.) Define your world!

I did it already, f*cker!

(2 eg.) We live on the world called earth.

(3 eg.) Mars, Pluto, Moon, Sun, Earth, Uranis, Jupiter, Star all count as worlds.
by Words2Define July 25, 2013
awesome show with neal cavuto on fox news.
person 1:did you watch your world today?
person 2:fuckin a man thats the best show ever.
by tuce January 19, 2004

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