1. The posessive form of you.
2. A term for the contraction of you are. The inventors of this AOL-Culture (Refers to the culture of the mass of internet users who regard the technology they frequent in defacing of as a right, not a man-given privalige from, quote, nerds) seem to be unaware of the fact it has already been invented and is displayed in the following way: you're.
1. Please take your socks off, as I wish to smell them vigorously.
2. Lolzort machine d00de, your a n00bz.
by Yukira Mugen November 01, 2005
Top Definition
The possessive form of you. Not to be confused with "you're", which is a contraction of you and are, meaning "you are."
I have your book.

Alice: Your dumb.
Bob: My dumb what?
Alice: *brain temporarily stops functioning*
by Teddy Bear Prime November 01, 2003
If you're not going to write it properly and you're not going to get a dictionary and you're not going to bother learning how to spell and you're too lazy to care, then write it "YOU ARE"!
Your is not a contraction of you are, just as there or their is not a contraction of they are.
by Repete456 December 15, 2009
First grade chimpanzee for "You're"
1> Your an moron.
2> Shut the fuck up you fucking fucktard.
1> Dar?
by MoonKnight October 10, 2003
1. The posessive form of the word "you."

Commonly confused in usage with the word "you're," which is a contraction of the words "you are."
If you misuse the word "your," everyone will know that you're a fucking fucktard.
by SpeedoMask August 10, 2003
The possesive form of "you". To idiots, it is a contraction of "you are", which makes absolutely no sense to people with a brain.
Me: All your base...
SmarterChild: All I'm base? Tell me more.
by Intelligence: The Anti-N00b November 15, 2004
How idiots try to spell you're.
Me: Thanks.
Bob: Your welcome.
Me: My what?
Bob: Your welcome.
Me: Idiot.
by ChoeChoeTrain May 14, 2010
Definitely not "you're".
Fool incognito - "Your good."
Literate person - "Fuck you."
by OnceGrunt December 17, 2007
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