Definitely not "you're".
Fool incognito - "Your good."
Literate person - "Fuck you."
by OnceGrunt December 17, 2007
1) exactly what the guy below me said.

2) the way stupid assheads in fucked up MMORPGS and chat rooms type "You're" AND YES, IT HAPPENS, ALOT. and it annoys the shit outta me.
1)Dianne: You left your car keys in my clit.


2)Mandey: Dave your so awesome we had so much fun last night.


Dianne: O.O "YOU'RE"* ..runs out the door crying after throwing her computer out the window.
by Trigonometrium October 18, 2007
A frequently misspelled word of "you're".
Your good at this?
by Evax November 11, 2002
The word to imply a lack of care whether the proper word is a pronoun or a contraction, you've given up trying to figure out this whole english language thing and wish to flaunt your ignorance by sticking everyone's noses in it
youR not so smart, are you?
by Todd & Prong April 15, 2008
Yelled at the top of your lungs when an ugly female/male is spotted. As in YOURS not MINE.
"dude that chick is YOURS!"
by Teapotlid May 29, 2009
Ambiguous replacement for both your and you're used to mask the user's ignorance of proper usage.
It can be easily passed off as a typo because depending upon context it can be assumed that either an apostrophe was accidentally added or an "e" was forgotten.
The use of this word allows the user to appear cavalier as opposed to ignorant.
You'r disrespecting the English language by so blatantly misusing 'your' when you clearly mean 'you are.'
by TheGreatCheeseCake June 27, 2011
Your is a normal word, it has a proper definition just like any other. However becoming more and more prevalent is idiots who are trying to be smart and think they are doing so by using the full spelling of 'YOUR' instead of 'UR' to mean 'YOU'RE'. This mistake is extremely common because in every day life you hear people saying 'your' which is actually spelled 'you're', as in you are.
Joe: your a fucking scrub.
Oej: no you're.
by Why Don't You PLay The Game May 28, 2009

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