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a girl who is amazing inside and out. she is beautiful, crazy, funny. she sticks up for you when boys are stupid. she is a best friend who doesn't care what other people think.
my best friend Brionna
by megan!moo December 21, 2008
The most perfect girl any person could ever meet. If you know one then you are probably one of the luckiest people on the earth. She is everything you could ever ask for and more. Definitely the most compassionate, loving person you will ever see or meet. Always knows the right thing to say and can always make you smile. Never let that type of person go for the world. Also gives amazing hugs.
"Is that Brionna?"
"Yeah, I am going to marry a Brionna type one day"
by PKstuff January 02, 2012
A fake ass bitch. One who says their your friend but in all reality ain't. She'll talk shit about you along with her cheating ass boyfriend. She's a fake ass bitch. She'll tell you one thing but do another. She a mind controlling hoe. Good enough. (:
Your day will come hoe (Brionna).
by Baby Daddii May 25, 2014
Usually pretty, but is very mean to people always controlling them and giving them orders, She's one of those popular brats that are cruel and veil even to their own best friends They think theyre perfect in everyway and always get to buy expensive clothes like american eagle and abercrombie and fitch they say they hate their life but truly their life is like a fairytale and they get every guy asap they are always bragging about things and are usually girly girls but dont admit it they usually play football just to get guys attention not very smart but people think they are and one more thing they are the most selfish people to have walked this earth so if you know a nice brionna well then im happy for you
Girl #1 Is that Brionna with a new outfit again!!?????
Girl#2 Yep she goes shopping every week!!!
Girl#1 Wow, what a spoiled brat!!!!
Girl#2 Yea i know
by TeamJacob382 July 27, 2011

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