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you knows it...slang frase used by residents of the UK...goldie lookin chain are known for using it often
you knows i love you
you knows its true
but i love your sister too
by youknowsit November 02, 2006
As quoted by the oh so famous Welsh Rappers The Goldie Lookin' Chain, or GLC
Youknowsit clart...
by Benjee December 06, 2004
The Goldie Lookin' Chain's motto, slogan and catchphrase used when someone says something of approval.
1. "You knows it."
2. "Y-y-y-y-you knows it."

There is also a specially derived "You knows it" used in times of extreme approval:
3. "You fuckin' knows it.
Guy 1: "She is fit."
Guy 2: " You knows it."

Guy 1: "Fresh, bru'"
Guy 2: "Safe as fuck."
Guy 3: "Y-y-y-you knows it."

Girl: "Wow, your dick is big."
Guy: "You fuckin' knows it."
by ThisIsFate January 14, 2010
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