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A way to smoke Marijuana very popular in Muskoka, using a glass tube and a regular 500 mL waterbottle, and a cigarette.

After being burned the cigarette piece or batch "pops" into the water bottle thus the act of smoking yotties is commonly referred to as poppin' yots.

Yotties can also be done without the tobacco and are called shotties
Lets go pop some yotties after the exam.

Hey pussy, there is still some batch in the yot tube.
by Chris 157 October 22, 2007
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A man who impresses all with his dry sarcasm and all-around good looks. He'll go the extra mile for you if you treat him well and he tries his best to make everyone happy. If you find any guy with this last name, you'll know you've found a keeper.
Hot Girl A: "Whoa, that guy is so funny and good-looking!"

Hot Girl B: "I know! Do you know his name?"

Hot Girl A: "I'm not quite sure, but I think his last name is Yotty.
by Yachtey May 02, 2011
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yotties are bunned though a crack pipe with a bong or a pop bottle, using a cut of cigarette and packing the weed on top.
i cant get enough of those yotties
by YOTTIES420 May 06, 2009
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