cool, awesone, sweet, fine.
"that car is yoosh." "That girl is yoosh"
by Dale Gallup July 15, 2003
Top Definition
a replacement of a verb used in normal speech...
What the yoosh?!?
I yooshed him/her good.
Go yoosh yourself.
by Brian Klejsmyt February 09, 2004
a way of hailing someone in the street
i called my dog yoosh
by bennybags July 09, 2006
(rhymes with "push")
The sound it makes when you fall in love.
May be an onomatopoeia of heart valves, or of one's own blood flowing.
A: Dude, I am into this girl!
B: You're such a pussy, man!
A: Nah, bro, whenever I see her it's totally just like yoosh!
by aBoxOfSigns August 03, 2012
Conversation filler when it gets awkward or a word used to describe one's shock e.g. person 1: I ate an ant last night
person 2: yoosh!
Isn't the weather lovely today......yoosh!

person 1: I ate an ant last night
person 2: yoosh!
by emma* April 11, 2006
dumb, phony, llava wannabe
Yoosh is retarded
by Timothy Seo January 26, 2004
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