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a replacement of a verb used in normal speech...
What the yoosh?!?
I yooshed him/her good.
Go yoosh yourself.
by Brian Klejsmyt February 09, 2004
15 6
a way of hailing someone in the street
i called my dog yoosh
by bennybags July 09, 2006
10 5
(rhymes with "push")
The sound it makes when you fall in love.
May be an onomatopoeia of heart valves, or of one's own blood flowing.
A: Dude, I am into this girl!
B: You're such a pussy, man!
A: Nah, bro, whenever I see her it's totally just like yoosh!
by aBoxOfSigns August 03, 2012
3 0
cool, awesone, sweet, fine.
"that car is yoosh." "That girl is yoosh"
by Dale Gallup July 15, 2003
10 7
Conversation filler when it gets awkward or a word used to describe one's shock e.g. person 1: I ate an ant last night
person 2: yoosh!
Isn't the weather lovely today......yoosh!

person 1: I ate an ant last night
person 2: yoosh!
by emma* April 11, 2006
3 8
dumb, phony, llava wannabe
Yoosh is retarded
by Timothy Seo January 26, 2004
0 7