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To walk hard and with vigour.
He doesn't walk, he yomps!
by Daisy May 12, 2005
1. (v) The act of thinking very philosophically about something e.g. "Is the glass half empty or half full".

2. (v) The military word describing a fast, long distance march carrying full kit.

3. (v) The act of declaring one's presence.
"/me yomps"
by Judderman July 22, 2003
Another way of saying yes and/or giving a positive response.
Analicia-Hey, wana go to Mcdonalds?

Miguel-Yompp! as long as you dont throw u..

Analicia-ok, lets Rollll!
by yeeeaaaaaoooommmpppp! April 02, 2009
1. When one person opens there can of smokeless tobacco and inserts a fatty in there lip.
2. Skoal or other kinds of dip
1. OMFG dude, today sucked soo bad. I need a fat yomp.
2. Hey man lets run to the store and get a yomp.
by holmesdoggg January 08, 2006
A not-so pleasant way to tell someone to get lost.
She wouldn't leave me alone, so I told her to yomp
by RebsOne July 11, 2010

1: yes, without a doubt.
-exagerrated purposes: yomp yomp or yomp yompers.
"mike, do you like vagina? " " yomp!"
by loren davis September 13, 2005
minor trek, not quite quite a mission, but very close, a small distance which is easily covered but with some posible difficulty.
Lets yomp on down to tescos, its not far.
by sean July 13, 2004