To grow your body to massive porportions.
Dude!!!, that fucker is yolked, he must be on roids!!
by BillyBob April 03, 2005
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Being muscular cut
LL was hella yolked in SWAT.
by snak January 18, 2004
to work out extremely hard and get massive muscles
Dude were getting fucking yolked today at the gym.
by P Sauccie January 07, 2010
Hitting the gym and working your ass off for as long as you can in attempt to see improvement in a short period of time.
"Theres a hot tub party tommorow. Lets get yolked for all the babes!"
by $w3g December 15, 2013
to hit some one hard or unexpextially, or to beat up
Damn that dude throws a hard punch.
Yeah man u got yolked
by C Stan AKA Corey S Babyy May 11, 2006

In a streetball game when someone get's their shot blocked
and everyone see's it.
1. Yo yesturday I was playin ball with Dontrelle and I totally yolked em.

2. When I try to dunk over black people I always get yolked.
by Eric BBB July 15, 2006
to be on or under the influance of extasy
Yo, this weekend im doin' eggs(E-Pills) and gettin yolked..
by nicky c March 27, 2005

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