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A flattering euphemism for 'penis'
"Poor Jimmy... he's got a face uglier than a baboon that's been bludgeoned with a baseball bat."

"Yeah. All he's got going for him is that 9-inch purple-headed yogurtstick with a pisshole."
#pisshole #dickalick #yogurt stick #splooge #naked
by deepmastahflex August 14, 2009
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refers to a man who has messed around with a woman who has a nasty vaginal area that resembles a cave emitting a yogurt like substance----inspired by yogurt cave....
That guy got a yogurt stick after messin' around with a chick with yogurt cave.
#genital warts #yeast infection #yogurt cave miner #std #gross ding-a-ling
by gangsta93 July 15, 2009
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