When you are in a yoga class and some guy in the corner starts moaning like maria sharapova during his downward dog.
Inhale to a upward facing dog....and exhale to a downward dog...UUUUGGGHHHHHHH AAAHHHHHH (I think that guy just had a yogasm)
by Wayne Johnson September 26, 2006
Top Definition
When you have an enhanced orgasm by sleeping with someone from your yoga class, the climax of the tantric yoga experience. Made popular by the character Samantha on Sex in the City, who was so horny that she left yoga class with another student to go fuck.
That was an awesome yogasm! The side crow pose is really paying off!
by Laurenita June 11, 2005
When a person practices enough yoga that their genital muscles are strengthened therefore causing a more powerful orgasm.
I think that yogasm was due to all the yoga I've been doing this week.
by J^P August 09, 2004
heart thumping, head to toes,skin to bones in a knee locking, sweat dripping, wide open state of euphoria felt immediately following bikram yoga.
When that 90 minutes of hot horror was over, I had the biggest yogasm ever!!!
by markyd76 January 31, 2009
An almost sexually blissful feeling experienced via practicing yoga that is so physically and spiritually fulfilling that it is akin to an orgasm.
Omg, my Lulu pants are all damp after the yogasm I just had at my Yoga Belly class. I feel A-Maze-Ing. yoga, orgasm, bliss
by SuzanneG23 June 28, 2015
The feeling in your body when doing an epic yoga stretch and it feels like the most amazing yet painful thing in your life.
Dan - "omg that stretch was epic"
Peter - "i think i just had a yogasm"
by Peter kennedy October 16, 2007
The result of several outlandish excersises, that stress your brain. A softer variety of this is the satisfaction after a long run.
Why are you still standing on your head clapping your hands behind your back? Don't tell me you are trying to achieve that yogasm nonsense again!
by Zdenek August 09, 2004
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