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When you have an enhanced orgasm by sleeping with someone from your yoga class, the climax of the tantric yoga experience. Made popular by the character Samantha on Sex in the City, who was so horny that she left yoga class with another student to go fuck.
That was an awesome yogasm! The side crow pose is really paying off!
by Laurenita June 11, 2005
A male/female who is more than curious about experimenting with the same sex. The person has had some intimate contact with the same sex, but is not openly bi-sexual. Bi-interested is the middle ground between bi-curious and bi-sexual.
He's not only bi-curious, he's bi-interested!
by Laurenita June 11, 2005
Used to describe a man who is extremely sensitive. Variation: mensitive. Derived from the word sensitive.
Quit acting so freaking mansitive!
by Laurenita June 11, 2005
Nickname for a woman who has overly tanned skin. This person is often tan during the winter months and has an orange glow to their skin, both implying their tan is not natural. Derived from the popular tanning chain in the tri-state area called Hollywood Tans.
Check out Hollywood Tans! She's starting to look like a tomato!
by Laurenita September 20, 2005

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