slang for weed, dope, pot, wacky tobaccee, whatever.
"hey man, im gonna go do some yoga." "lets get together and do this wicked yoga i got in europe" "hey man, can you hook me up with some yoga?"
by morgan the mighty September 07, 2005
yoga- code name for haveing sex with someone
hey mom im going over to johns to do some yaga.
by mary August 04, 2004
You hurt your back real bad by twisting it. We all know guys try to do it to suck themselves, butnever do, and quit. YODA is a fucking character from starwras. please die.
we know why you are doing yoga
by fff May 13, 2004
Complicated, yet sort of creepy definition of people who like to waste their time. Usually uses random animals or nature to name the poses they attempt. Doesn't even relax you, just causes you to look stupid to the men working out around you. Tends to make you a magnet for hippie's. Very hard.
girl: I'm doing yoga.
boy: Really that's sort of creepy.
girl: No its so fun i like to practice my downward-dog, and tree pose, even in the shower!
boy: Yeah well i'm gonna continue my push-ups.
girl: No really, i'm not creepy, i just don't have a life, and like to keep in touch with little animals. Guess what i'm doing when i'm done?
boy: Huh?
girl: Talking to trees and shapeing my legs into every letter of the alphabet, to see which letter it likes the best!
boy: Leave me alone.
by Boom Shacka Lacka! April 09, 2009
to be calm, dumb, emo, stupid ,vomitrosious, lame, and to act very ugly
Eww your soo ficking yoga
You naassty yoga!
That shirt is totally yoga ughh!
by Anne and Azra January 07, 2007

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