a creeper, normally a creeping male teacher who flirts with students
Yoda is keeping her after class.
#yoda #creeper #hutcheson #teacher #scary
by kingarthur666 May 04, 2009
Very potent Marijuana.Nice green , good amount of crystals.
" *kicks in door* , Who's got the Yoda "
#weed #pot #yoda #starwars #bong
by Staches September 15, 2007
Yoda was the wisest and most powerful Jedi Master in the history of the order. He got owned by Palpatine though, and had to exile his sorry green posterior to Dagobah.
"Do not... Do not underestimate the powers of the Emperor, kicked my green ass he did."- Yoda
#jedi master #green freak #idiot #midget #muppet
by Jebadiah Crump November 16, 2005
Slang for Marijuana. Termed after Lord Sith addressed Yoda as his "Little Green Friend" in the latest Star Wars Movie (Revenge of the Sith).
"Wanna buy some Yoda"
"Wanna Smoke some Yoda"
"Where that Yoda at?"
by John Toke August 09, 2005
little green ass muppet that can disapear when ever he wants.
over this enter view is.
by white boy June 13, 2003
A pimp/Drug-Supplier/Midget that supplies the rebels with "the goods" he has a disease which causes him to talk like a retard, he hides out on his home planet of dagobah away from the pigs so he doesn't get arrested.
Anakin: Jar-Jar have you seen Yoda?
Jar-Jar: Meesah saw him hiding from the pigs on Dagobah Fo' Sho'
*Rings yoda*
Yoda: Want the goods do you young Jedi?
#starwars #green #midget #yoda #quack
by BARRELREAPER July 29, 2010
A kick ass jedi racoon that get all the hoes on every planet in the universe....
Man that guys a major Yoda
I didn't know Yoda was in the Wizard of Oz too?
#wizard #oz #yoda #lightsaber #starwars #force
by Pascual jr May 03, 2008
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