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4 definitions by Scootyloo

Usually a suburban, caucasian, teenaged to young adult male, adopting habits of dress, speech, and lifestyle of the african american ghetto mystique.
Eminem is white chocolate.
by Scootyloo January 17, 2003
verb- Female masturbation
My co-worker got me so horny, I've got to go to take a break and roll sushi so I can concentrate the rest of the day.
by Scootyloo January 17, 2003
The act of strapping a piece of plastic wrap or 'cling wrap' to your chest and having somone shit on it. AKA: Sanitary Cleveland Steamer
I enjoy a Hot Plate much more than a Cleveland Steamer because the cleanup is much easier!
by Scootyloo January 17, 2003
The section of wrinkled skin the is at the base of the shaft of the flaccid penis and the top of the nut sack.
The only way that Bill could become aroused was to have someone lick his Yoda.
by Scootyloo January 17, 2003