1. Your Motha's Ass.

2. Also a synonym for "Go Fuck Yourself"
Lee: What's YMA up to later?

Justin: Same thing YMA did yesterday. What do you want to do later?

Lee: YMA
by NassauShores May 19, 2011
Top Definition
You're making a scene
Rich girl with friend in front of poor girl

Rich girl to friend (loudly): Isn't my shirt so expensive?

Poor girl: YMAS >.>
by Coolcoolcool February 23, 2008
A popular abbreviation for You Me At Six. A British Power-Pop band.
YMAS fan 1: Hey, going to the YMAS concert tomorrow?
YMAS fan 2: Of course, they rock! I love Josh's accent.
by Vampish-Electro April 24, 2009
Abbreviation for the amazing band You Me At Six.
Albums: Hold Me Down and Take Off Your Colours.
Just released their new album, Sinners Never Sleep.

This band is amazing! Yeah, it's YMAS!
by asdfghjklyup. October 04, 2011
Short for Your Mothers Ass
Hey Jim, YMA!
by Antwon729 January 09, 2011
1)A alternative to your mom used mainly in England
2)It can also be used to insult someones mother
1)Girl: Hey, what did you do at the weekend?
Boy: Y'ma

2)"Look at her, she's so ugly"
"So's y'ma"
by Chargirl Caraway August 05, 2008
Yahoo's Misfit Army. A group of paintballers that own.
YMA pwns everyone. YMA>All
by hybridballer February 14, 2005
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