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How a new zealander says 'Yes'
"yis" said the new zealander
by Legham May 01, 2005
From the Boy Scouts. Used as a closing, such as in a letter. Stands for "Yours in Scouting" or "Yours in Service".
John Smith
by Yours in Scouting February 17, 2009
The word "yes", but said "yis". Originated in Olean, NY, where the slang quickly spread like wildfire. The legend has it, a man named barf was first to say this, but the story is not 100% confirmed.
"Are you doing anything tonight?"
"Oh, are you going to Lisa's?"
by Bizzare April 18, 2008
acronym for yes it sucks.
"Have you heard about the dubstep for the old taco bell chiwawa?"

by Milanium October 06, 2011
Yes in african accent
yo blood, u aite
by black_ass_bitch October 26, 2003
Coloq. : You?
Can be singular of plural, usually in the expression "I'yis"
Yis're gonna be late
(You're going to be late)
by Ozymandias February 13, 2005
stands for Yahoo Image Search
I just did a YIS for "King" and my picture showed up.
by maus July 12, 2005

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