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doubling the definition of the word ying:

1.) The coolest chinese kid around-the coolest chinese kid around
2.) a really good and happy person who influences others to be happy-a really good and happy person who influences others to be happy
3.) exquisite little sexylady-exquisite little sexy lady
1.) If she's twice as cool as ying, she's yingying.
by looking4lives May 09, 2010
code for red heads, daywalkers, fire crotches, gingers
hey look theres a ginger kid!

by ahaaaga August 03, 2007
word derived from an asiatic female creature. an interesting specimen, they are commonly freaks and sometimes freakazoids. name originates from a word that means penis in one of the coastal japanese dialects. they usually live up to their name by hating on hirokis, hiroki meaning sexy, powerful, and sexy. yingying is usually now used to describe a person who thinks they are cool but not.
2) That person thinks she is all that, what a yingying
by hiroki May 20, 2008
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