Yilf - Yeti I'd like to fuck
Ronald: Rofl, Yeta is a Yilf lool. ^_^
Alex: You sicken me, biatch.
by Alex blud blud April 06, 2007
Yankee I'd Like to Fuck
Girl, that yankee is so hot. He's a YILF.
by Dhadik February 21, 2008
a slang term for "youngin i'd like to fuck".
a female that is under the age of 12 and is sexy would be a yilf.
by Zach Reichard March 31, 2008
Yes, i like to fuck.

ME: Hi!
You: Hi, how are u?
ME: Good, but i feel like a YILF.
You: What the hell...
by Im SIAC August 07, 2014
Yakoff I'd Like to Fuck
"I went to Branson to see Yakoff Smirnoff perform and found my pants were suddenly ill-fitting in the fly zone. He's one yilf, what a country!"
by Johnny Eightball July 08, 2004

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