Another word for penis
I know why you are acting so shitty, You want that yike but you dont know how to ask for it.
by Un10nCarb1d4 May 07, 2009
An exclamatory phrase used in response to a friend's minor medical calamity.
Margaux: Don't eat the spinach! There's a salmonella recall!
Michelle: (chomping away)...huh?
Margaux: Yikes...

Raj: I got a mosquito bite on the hump of my nose! It looked like it came straight out of an antisemitic drawing!
Jenny: Yikes!
by Kung Fu Sammy July 05, 2011
A group of large, scary take-no-shit dikes. May be tatted up, on Harleys or just look like they can kick some major ass.
OMG! Did you see those Yikes on bikes?! They scared the shit out of me when I looked at the hot one with great tits!
by pcbdznr September 24, 2007
a person who attends Henry S. Jacobs Camp every summer
Adam Orlansky is a yike
by jacobs camper January 03, 2008
Yike is the amount of penis a woman has taken.
Man that slut has taken over a mile of yike.
by CHEESEHAZARD May 22, 2005
A vibrantly colored pencil that was dyed to change colors when you sharpened it.
Back in elementary school, I had the coolest Yikes of anyone in my class.
by WJG April 12, 2007
to yank in a sneaky way; to misappropriate
Chip yiked his roommate's iPod.
by 13gg13 October 18, 2009

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