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Multi-purpose word that is used as a substitute for 'yes', but is more subtle and nuanced. It can be used as a statement, exclamation, question, interjection and more.
Statement: Did you gitsome? Yih.
Exclamation: Yih! That was awesome.
Question: Gitsome? Yih. Yih? Yih.
Interjection: Yih excuse me but did you gitsome? Yih. Yih! Yih? Yih.
by Timmy July 29, 2004
Acronym for Yeah I'm High!
The name of the show is SpongeBob, but Patrick is the star! #Y.I.H.

I wish T-bell served Frostys. Y.I.H.
by J.P.R. March 20, 2012
used in situation where extreme excitement is present and now words come to your mind, save for "YIH!"
Your girlfriend - I want to have sex right now!

You - YIH!!
by Doug Groves May 12, 2006