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"the word" for the 2007 FCAT that nobody can spell. Everyone is beginning to know about that word and seeing who can spell it which is now yet known
my cousin keith tried to spell yiffniff but he got it wrong so my dad sent him to hell
by the king of hialeah February 26, 2007

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A paradoxal word. It is so because 'yiffniff' cannot actually be spelled, as it was read in the 2007 FCAT writing assessment. It is now referred as a transitive/intransitive verb, an adjective, adverb, an adverb describing a verb/adjective, a noun, or a general exclamation. It is also a great substitute for profanity such as 'fuck', since it is so versatile.
Yiffniff can be spelled (and has been tried to be spelled) as follows:

and so on and so forth.
by Ludwig Von Gangsta May 10, 2008