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A term used in Scotland by the Neds. This term is used to describe people who are into alternative music or dress differently to the Neds.
"Here mate, you're a pure fuckin yicket!!!"
"Haw haw, are you a yicket? Ya sheer boton!"
"Nae joy ya wee poofy yicket prick"
by Bobthemaddy April 20, 2006
On NBA 2K10, when a player makes a difficult shot or a 3-pointer, the person playing says this phrase upon release of the shot, giving the shot a greater chance of going in.
Jarrod screamed "yicket!" when he drained that game winning three.
by zenndaddy March 27, 2010
The things that are used to make noises in an old house or building or everything.
We walked into the house and were surrounded by the yickets of the past
by NorfSalem October 29, 2008
An inhabitant of the council scheme in West Kilbride, Ayrshire, Scotland.
"Ah cannae be arsed wae the pub the night, Rab. It's fu' ay Yickets."
by Stan Dandeliver October 21, 2013
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