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Youth For Christ; a community to worship God
1. I'm in YFC
2. YFC is cool
3. YFC rocks!
4. Worship God
by someone you wishh you knew April 04, 2006
"Young Fresh Clean"; a acronym used throughout the urban civilization describing a member of the top class in hierarchy.
The steps necessary to maintain a positive ego in the modern day world. Also the steps used to becoming the ultimate boss.
"Dude, That guy is mackin on at least 6 chicks at once!", "Yeah bro!, He's totally YFC".
by The Troigsta 666 November 07, 2010
An Internet meme, much like lmao, nsfw or ofn.

It stands for "you fucking cunt". The general purpose is used in instant messanger conversations or internet forums.
Geo says: Click this link *link*
V1cious says :You got me, yfc.
by Zergi April 28, 2007