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Coined by Pharrell Williams of the BBC, Ice Cream, and The Neptunes.
Get me that Enzo....yesir
by White Chocolate Cadillac November 25, 2007
a slang way to respond to a comment, usually one you agree with, or sarcastic
so u like that movie we saw huh
u wanna head back to the crib or wat
-yesirrrr mah
by R Yung Hoodz April 06, 2005
short for yes sir. another way to say 'hell yes' or 'fuck yeah'.
Question: Are we hittin' the club tonight?
Answer: Ye'sir.
by allgameplaya November 29, 2010
comes in response to never meaning "yes"
You fucked dat girl wit dat little booty
-yesir you definately did
by Dai G.A.B March 23, 2007