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a slang way to respond to a comment, usually one you agree with, or sarcastic
so u like that movie we saw huh
u wanna head back to the crib or wat
-yesirrrr mah
by R Yung Hoodz April 06, 2005
Coined by Pharrell Williams of the BBC, Ice Cream, and The Neptunes.
Get me that Enzo....yesir
by White Chocolate Cadillac November 25, 2007
short for yes sir. another way to say 'hell yes' or 'fuck yeah'.
Question: Are we hittin' the club tonight?
Answer: Ye'sir.
by allgameplaya November 29, 2010
comes in response to never meaning "yes"
You fucked dat girl wit dat little booty
-yesir you definately did
by Dai G.A.B March 23, 2007
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