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_Pronunciation: Ye-sh

A more casual way of saying yes, or yeah.
Person 1: Did you hand in your history homework on time?

Person 2: Yesh.
by MWAHAHAHAHAHHA123 March 24, 2011
A drunkard's version of yes
Invention by Dion Awesomepants
"Are you drunk?"
by Dion Awesomepants March 26, 2012
Yes but with more enthusiasm. Can sometimes be used as nice but usually just a form of yes.
#1: And the award goes to.... Bobby McNeenerson!
Bobby: YESH! *air punches* *runs up to get the award*
by Leafchiik January 20, 2009
It means yes or yeah but is only derived from those words. It is the creative, young, and emoji friendly way of saying such words.
Yesh I do like peaches.
by Jawen July 08, 2014
1. The word used by Mooch in Mutts to say 'Yes!'.
2. An awesome way to say 'yes.'
1. Chicky-shnoodle!? Yesh!
2. The band Yesh is alright, I guess.
by NESMonster February 04, 2004
It is merely a more cheerful or silly way to say yes.
Sarah: Do you like turtles?
Brett: YESH!
by Turtle Jester July 07, 2010
yesh means yes but it's wayy cooler to say yesh and two girls invented it i guess.
Yesh! It was an Awesome partyy!
by Nicki Manaj May 28, 2012