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Meaning "Yes", but jokingly, wittily, to lighten the mood...
... used by Micheal Scott of the Office when being disciplined by his superior... David asks if everything is clear... Micheal says... "Yeshhh"... indicating he doesn't take the scolding too seriously...
by the tile ninja January 17, 2010
16 8
_Pronunciation: Ye-sh

A more casual way of saying yes, or yeah.
Person 1: Did you hand in your history homework on time?

Person 2: Yesh.
by MWAHAHAHAHAHHA123 March 24, 2011
23 16
A drunkard's version of yes
Invention by Dion Awesomepants
"Are you drunk?"
by Dion Awesomepants March 26, 2012
4 2
Yes but with more enthusiasm. Can sometimes be used as nice but usually just a form of yes.
#1: And the award goes to.... Bobby McNeenerson!
Bobby: YESH! *air punches* *runs up to get the award*
by Leafchiik January 20, 2009
9 8
It means yes or yeah but is only derived from those words. It is the creative, young, and emoji friendly way of saying such words.
Yesh I do like peaches.
by Jawen July 08, 2014
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It is merely a more cheerful or silly way to say yes.
Sarah: Do you like turtles?
Brett: YESH!
by Turtle Jester July 07, 2010
4 5
yesh means yes but it's wayy cooler to say yesh and two girls invented it i guess.
Yesh! It was an Awesome partyy!
by Nicki Manaj May 28, 2012
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