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also known as "street" in Panama; tambien conocida como "calle" en Panama
Let's go sell our arts and crafts in la yesca.
Vamos a parchar nuestro artesania en la yesca.
by mellyy May 20, 2008
28 87
Mexican's and Mexican's only (Chicano's too) way of saying weed.
Yo ese, I got some yesca, let me roll it up, and just BLAZE!
by Lady Izamar MTY July 30, 2004
370 117
1. chicano slang for marijuana
yo quiero fumar yesca compa.
by cuco October 05, 2003
241 83
In spanish it's what you get high with. Mota
I got the yesca, roll it up and just blaze it!
by ASESSINO January 30, 2004
200 99