A war-like call to all nearby friends alerting them that you are in/ about to be in a fight.
TJ walks into a party, bumps into Pat. Pat starts to engage a fight with person A. Jessie who is upstairs and who is also TJ's best friend hears TJ yell, " YERP!," so Jessie runs down the stairs and attacks Pat.
by TJ De Franco August 24, 2010
Top Definition
a word with many meanings such as whats up, yup, yes, you're welcome, ok,
Thanks for picking me up dawg. yerp

you want some food? yerp
by thetruth June 02, 2003
That noise Snoop from The Wire makes
Chris Partlow: "Why ain't in your repertoire no more, nigga."
Snoop: "YERP!"
by KuntaKente August 31, 2010
another way of responding to someone instead of using yes, yep,yea,yup,etc.
Alicia: Hey Shay, are you going to that party later?
Shay: Yerppp, i never miss a party.
by J-Boogie. November 21, 2007
a way of sayin wattup
yerrrrrrrrrrrrpp waz da damn deal hoe?

yerrrrrrrrp leme holla atcha for a minute dawg.
by lil miss pimpstress June 01, 2005
A way to call towards females that one is interested in.
There's an attractive girl walking down the street outside your house and you can see her from your porch so you then yell
by StoopKid927 October 07, 2009
A word common used in the ghetto's of Newark, NJ to initiate a public drug sale from a local thug. Usually associated with cocaine, crack rocks, heroine, or marijuana.
After I yerped at the gangster on the street corner, he then approached my car and proceeded to discuss a price for the eyeball of cocaine I was looking to purchase.
by Jason (elek) June 20, 2006
1. Yes or Yeah or Of Course
Mags: "Did you get those purp dopeities?"
KevConn: "YERP!"
by Adam Franklin April 08, 2009
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