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To be yellowcaked is to be tricked into going to war.
To be abandand and sacrificed at the alter of defense. To be lied to by every level of government at the nations most grandiose event.To be abandoned and deceived at the alter.
To be yellowcaked into marriage, then discredited by the family after finding out later she was lying about being pregnant. I was yellowcaked into enlisting. The Samaritan was yellowcaked into helping the mugger.
by Elan DeCave October 02, 2007
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to be yellow caked is to be deceived into taking violent action based entirely on false and misleading information. Yellow Cake uranium and weapons of mass destruction never existed in Iraq besides those which were provided by the U.S. and Dick Cheney to be used against Iran during his early political carrier.

persuaded by deception.
We were yellow caked into going to war in Iraq.
by The Ell June 04, 2009

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