a term used by thin teenage boys to express their joy.
yee, i passed english
by crisylicious November 17, 2011
an expression of excitement, positive response, an agreement, and an acknowledgement (based on the words Yes, or Yeah)
Finished my homework! Yee! Now it's time to build another computer...
by NitwitComputerMan January 13, 2012
1. The black form of hooray. 2. The black form of yes
Person 1: Hello, brother! Are you going to the social gathering tonight?

Person 2: Yee!
by idomdom September 08, 2010
An exclamation used when your excitement level does not warrant the use of another more extreme exclamation.
Person 1: My shin bruise healed!
Person 2: Yee!
by Sartang December 22, 2014
A form of the word Yes.
"Nigga you got the drugs"

by aee lmao July 06, 2015
To agree with something; to say yes
Typically used with excitement
Montana: Wanna go for a sesh?
You: Yee
You: Montana's dumb
Montana: yee!
by ramguy April 13, 2015
The thing all my friends which are graffiti artists say, especially on other peeps' pieces.
"I just put up a huge mural in the abandoned SFNO!"
"Dude I flicked your train last night out the window of the restaurant I work at!"
by ScotsKDCtheFlyingNuntheArtist March 15, 2015

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