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A beard grown out over a year, or that looks scraggly and icky enough to have been grown for an entire year.
Whoa, check out the yeard on that guy sleeping on the park bench!
#neck beard #beard of neglect #hobo beard #beard farmer #facial hair
by E Honda June 04, 2010
A combination beard and ponytail, especially that of fantasy author Terry Goodkind. This term is derived from the 'y' in 'ponytail' and the 'eard' in 'beard.'
In the author photo at the back of his books, Terry Goodkind is depicted attempting to strike a tough guy pose, only to have his efforts defeated by his rather silly looking trademark yeard.
#beard #ponytail #terry goodkind #hairstyles #fantasy fiction
by Mr Smash July 24, 2006
A measurement of time, specifically the time it takes to grow several long beards.
"it took Gerald at least ten yeards to cultivate his impressive orangery"
#yeards #beards #years #ages #time
by Heirogliph August 18, 2009
1. To ask someone if they understand what you are talking about.

2. A response to someone whom you know damn well heard you the first time, but wants it repeated anyway.
You're a punk ass bitch!
What did you say.
Yeard me, you punk ass bitch!
by Neally November 19, 2004
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