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omg yezen is the coolest dude at my school i love him so much
girl 1:yazen is so cool
girl 2:like i know
by milad April 27, 2005
A tall dark and handsome pali who is so freaking awesome. He also totally belongs to me bitches.
girl 1: yazen is so cool
girl 2: like i know
beanie: excuse me betch?
by ImaKetty October 10, 2008
the hottest, coolest guy u'll ever meet
he's usually FUCKING handsome and doesn't care about all the shit people say/think of him
most yazens are sexually fit and ACTIVE
they consider watching porn an act showing the fact that u don't have a fuckin life
girl 1: like OMG!!! i can't believe it

girl 2: what's wrong with you, what just happened , did you have an orgasm or somehting.

girl 1: well, ya i did have an orgasm but thats not actually why i said OMG ... i said it because i just saw yazen pass by .. DIDN'T YOU SEE HIM .. he was like waling tall and handsome like he doesn't give a fkn shit about anyone in the world (EXCEPT MEEEE)

GIRL 2: get off u hoe .. yesterday i slept with him and he said he loves ME.

guy 1: hey girls, he's not the only gd looking guy around u know

girl 1&2: eeeewwwwww ... get lost loser
by michiniyazB May 12, 2011
Yazen is a name, this person is one of the most chill people you'll ever meet. But if you get on there bad side then hell will break loose. He's quiet clever, loves attention especially from girls.
Girl 1: I'm not his number only girl..
Girl 2: Tyical Yazen.
by TruthPerson. June 10, 2015
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