wierd ass song made by the japanese band happidai. They look really gay but probably aren't cuz only republicans are gay and since their japanese they can't be republicans.
"Easy rider salad the mall, who dong hide, q qqqq ssss, OHIO!!!"
by 1337_shadow March 21, 2005
Top Definition
1. A very, very bizarrly upbeat song by a band composed of a group of shameless Japanese men wearing nothing but disturbing fig leaf briefs.
2. A fanimutation based on the above song.
3. A Kojiro Abe music video based on the above song.
4. Japanese for "we did it!".
1. Everybody say Yatta!
2. That Yatta music video was freaking disturbing..
by Jules Carrozza June 20, 2003
Verb. In Japanese, it means "I did it" or "I did something". A Japanese song called, "Yatta" was written, and it repeats the word "yatta". It can be a proclamation of success. "Yatta" can also be like "Eureka!" or another term of that nature.
"Yatta! I've found it!"
by Zack M. January 03, 2004
Equivalent to saying "I did it!" after accomplishing a hard task.
Physics complete! Yatta!
by Bungalow Bill December 02, 2001
To clarify the other definitions, yatta is a general japanese term used to express great happiness.
YATTA!! I just defeated the final boss!!
A Japanese exclamation that mean "All right!"
Yatta! I've got the Chaos Emeralds!
by ZzZzZzZz huh March 28, 2004
nice sized breast. not necessarily large, but at least handfuls. Usually proceeded by "dem".
"Is that Tyra Banks?" "Look at dem yattums!"
by D-Town February 15, 2004
(Interjection) What that Japanese bloke in Heroes says all the time when he accomplishes something, which, to be honest, is not often. All right, so he's got these time-stopping powers and stuff, could he please now use them instead of appearing to be made of solid fail? Pretty grim how he buried that immortal bloke alive, by the way. Sorry about the spoiler if you hadn't seen that bit yet.
I finally managed to fit it in Sharon's arsehole! Yatta!
by Sklooby March 19, 2008
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