Yellow Ass Toe nails. Similar to the B.A.T. However, in this case it looks like the person's toe nails have been chain smoking cigarettes for 50+ years. ( Often seen in white trash towns in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana).
She had the most rancid set of Y.A.T's I've ever seen. Y.A.T.
by A NAME THAT WAS AVAILABLE August 12, 2009
Top Definition
A Female, nothing more, nothing less
oi this party is bras man, there's no yats here

oh safe check out that buff yat

easy bruv, check out my new dog.
oh seen is it a yat or a brer?
its a yat man, her name is fluffy.
by Rostafari October 24, 2005
New Orleans native. From the local greeting, "Where ya at."
Jack could always tell the Mount Carmel charmers; they would go, "Where ya at, Man."
by Duckbutt October 14, 2004
A native New Orleanian. Uses the Word Darlin' alot, loves Pinchin the Heads and Sucking the Tails (That's Crawfish Yall), NEVER runs out of Tony's, always ax's bout Ya mom and dem', makes groceries, drinks Community Coffee, knows how to dodge pot holes, Loves Snowballs, has thousands of Beads in the attic from Mardi Gras Pasts, knows how to eat a Beignet while wearing Black, Cannot sit still when hearing Mardi Gras Mambo!!!!
Hey Darlin' How's ya Mom and Dem?? I saw ya Godmother last weekend Making Groceries at Dorignac's. She's a Doll. Where yat? We going over to the Crawfish Boil and hope by the time we get there the Crawfish have already vomited!!!!

Cest Bon
by Nola Sisco March 06, 2007
1) A general term for a young female
2) A fit female
Those yats are terrible/butters. (1)
Is Nick's sister a yat? (2)
Check it out - that yat is a YAT. (1, 2)
Will there be any yats there tonight? (1 / 2)
by Bill Pellet March 12, 2008
Slang term for a New Orleans native. The term is specifically used to describe residents of Orleans, Jefferson, and St. Bernard parishes, and is exclusive to the area. For natives, the term is most generally used to identify members of the Westbank region of New Orleans including residents of: Algiers, Terrytown, Gretna, Harvey, Marrero, Westwego, Avondale, Lafitte, and Belle Chasse.

A Y'at can be identified by dialect, mannerisms, lifestyle, and/or appearance.

The term Y'at is derived from "Where y'at?", a common greeting in the New Orleans area.

Y'at can also appear as "y@" in new media and certain publications.
His thick Westbank accent and affinity for New Orleans culture led me to believe that he was a Y'at.
by RyfromNola December 23, 2010
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